Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Dammed city - London : Year 2109

Future London. A city under siege from the ocean. A vast dam surrounds major parts of the city. The city runs on hydroelectricity. All the vehicles and buildings have generators that convert the kinetic energy of the rivers aqueducts and waterfalls. The sea water is harnessed and converted to fresh water for drinking and agriculture.

Since dry land is restricted it was deemed necessary to use all available free space to cultivate plant life.
As a result, all rooftops and the surrounding dam are blanketed in flora and fauna. The natural element adds a rich contrast to the urban jungle.

The surrounding suburbs are enclosed within gigantic domes made from steel and glass. Within the domes, the suburbs reach deep down into the earth.

These sinkholes are overcrowded, noisy and ill equipped for the sheer number of citizens they support. Crime is rife and gangs control entire districts of the sinkholes. Life in the lower quarters is a stark contrast to the lives of the elite who are fortunate to live in the main basin.


Reverent Green said...

nice lighting and color. lovely work.

Natachouille said...

woooh it's beautiful
Colors are so super.
Great Works!!!

Rumpenstiltzkin said...

wow, looks awesome, love the last one, the tower :)

Howard Shum said...

Greatr looking work!