Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Agents Weapons

These weapons are supplied by Midheaven. Each agent is equipped with an internal nuclear reactor. The reactor is the source of the agents seemingly super human abilities. It powers every gadget in the agents arsenal. It creates the ammunition for the side arm pistol that's concealed on the underside of his left forearm. The melee weapon,(a set of high frequency energy claws on Leonis' right hand) capable of cutting through almost any material is also the result of the reactor.

What sets agent Leonis apart from the other Hollowmen is a device that he created himself, that no other agent within Midheaven possesses - a briefcase that can alter its form and function seemingly by the sheer will of its creator!
Different modes include a sub-machine gun, shield laptop and most unique of all, a K9 unit which appears to be a fully autonomous robot....

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Poetry Man said...

awesome work!! I want that suitcase lol