Sunday, August 16, 2009

Special Agent - code name : Leonis

Agent Leonis is one of the twelve knights of the Zodiac. A cybernetic super agent, he was built by Midheaven under the Hollowman program.

Along with his eleven fellow agents, (each of whom represents one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac) they are part of a secret and dangerous order which date back to 7th century BC. Their actions have profoundly changed the course of mankind throughout the ages. They operate in secret - guardians to some, executioners to others, traffickers of information, masters of espionage, spies, counter terrorists...the list goes on.

There must always be twelve agents. When an agent is killed in the line of duty, another is chosen to take his place. This way they are timeless. There have been many before and there will be many more.

Each agent has a unique design which complements the sign they represent. Despite the customised appearance of the agents they all carry standard issue gadgets and power sources.

Leonis, (or Leo) is the fifth agent of Midheaven. He is powered by a internal reactor which is the source of the agents seemingly super human abilities. Power from the core can be harnessed and directed to different weapons and gadgets. His uniform is fashioned from special materials to withstand the extreme temperatures generated by the core when the agent utilises his abilities.

Ability's include: heightened strength and stamina, a small yet highly powerful side arm attached to his left arm. The munitions are created inside the core as bolts of energy and stored in his arm. This way there is a constant supply available and the gun is useless in civilian hands.

Each agent has Mirage technology that allows the agent to appear different and mimic the appearance of others. His vision has also been enhanced to include the ability to see in different ranges such as infra red, heat vision, ultraviolet light, high magnification and x-ray vision.

Power from the core unit can be redirected to ports on the agents lower legs allowing for limited boosts during jumps and kick combinations.

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