Sunday, August 16, 2009

Marcus Pride - Alter Ego

Meet Leo's alter ego, Marcus pride. Marcus Pride is a Traceur, a free runner working as a courier for the cities most reputable and elite delivery service, Meridian.

The clients of Meridian pay a lot of money to ensure that their assets are delivered exactly on time and with the utmost security. They deal with highly sensitive and valuable cargo.
Each Traceur is required to be proficient in hand to hand combat. Many are ex-military and former government agents. Due to the hazardous nature of the work the pay is very high, but then so are the risks.

The environment itself holds many dangers. The city is overcrowded and organized gangs control entire districts.

Somehow against the odds Marcus manages to flourish in this role. He triumphs where others fail and takes assignments in parts of the city where others simply will not go.

It has come to the attention of the cities criminal fraternity that Meridians couriers carry highly sensitive and therefore valuable cargo. The Meridian Traceur’s reputation precedes them. They are fierce when engaged in combat and have the legal backing of local authorities and law enforcement.

Marcus has been employed by Meridian for some time, giving him unrivalled knowledge of the city and the crime cartels that operate within it. Marcus has gained many allies and contacts on the streets, the streets he knows like the back of his hand - but unfortunately he has also made many enemies along the way.

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