Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CreatureRider Update

Hi everyone, I had a great night sculpting last night and made what I felt was a good amount of progress so I thought I’d update what I’ve been up to.
Since the last post I finished the base at least enough to call it done for the challenge. I cured the base using a heat gun (paint stripper) taking care not to burn it, the key is to keep it moving all the time and to not get too close.

I made the base from thin hard board, the kind you have at the back of your kitchen cupboards it’s very easy to break by hand so I snapped it into the desired shape stacking the pieces one on top of the other. I used a hot glue gun to stick them together. I wasn’t happy with the thickness so I sandwiched a flat piece of polystyrene at the base of the stand and shaped it with a heated knife from the stove. it works very well but make sure you open a window those fumes can’t be good for you. The next step was to drill the holes for the wire from the creatures feet to fit into, this was done with an electric drill and drilled all the way through since I left a lot of wire at the base of the creature. I then covered the wood and polystyrene in Sculpey and shaped the rocks to suite.

I built this guy to come apart since it makes access to the sculpt so much easier. His head is separate as are the tusks and the ears the whole body is one piece and fits into the base.
I mix up some Milliput two part epoxy putty and sink square rods into it. I purchased the rods from ebay and they come in different sizes and fit into each other so I use them to attach different parts to each other. The Milliput sets rock hard and the rod is fixed. This was how I made the head, a rod with a ball of milliputon the end, let it set and built a skull around it and the head was sculpted onto the skull which I hardened with the heat gun. I also used the same method for the body and the saddle.

and the seat so far


SikArtist said...

It's looking great! I can't wait to see this finished. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

amazing~! (*//*)