Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I won 3rd place.

So its all over and the results are in...

Third place went to yours truly and I am very happy to have finished in the top three. It was very hard work to get the models in on time and as finished as I could manage but it was also very enjoyable and a great experience I even learned a few new tricks from my fellow competitors and broke new ground in areas such as scale and subject matter.

I thought I would include the winning entries so you can check them out.

This fantastic model by baard was the winning entry

Second place went to Nas with this great entry.


Cassia Harries said...

I am surprised that you did not win the grand prize. I think that your piece is more creative and dynamic than the other two. I find your pieces aw-inspiring and has motivated me to push harder on my sculpts. Beautiful work!

Crips Pink said...

you were robbed, that sculp was awesome!!
And along that vein, would u consider selling the medusa sculpt and how much would u want for it, its absolutly amazing!

Adam said...

That's awesome man, great work! Glad to see what you've been up to, hope all's well up there!

Tantacula said...

Wonderful sculptures, man!