Friday, September 12, 2008

Character Maquette WIP

I built this Maquette for a pitch for a race I was asked to design. I took photos as I went along as I was planning on putting a tutorial together at some point...always at some point.


DavidRMoody said...

Simply amazing. The attention to detail is to be admired.

I hope this pitch is successful, as I'm intrigued to how this race would move; would they crawl using their hands, simply slither or maybe even slink around?

How long did it take?

Firecrow78 said...


It was done pretty quick, 2 days to get to that stage. It's not what you would call finished piece even be a long way, but it's enough to get the idea across.

joverine said...

sweet sculpt! love all the detail and the snakey form-great gallery overall too!
and thanks for following my blog! you're one of the first!!! :D


Crips Pink said...

Nice stuff dude, you should so post more!

Anonymous said...

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